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Obesity Surgical Operations
Many obese people do not benefit from medication, diets or exercise. An operation seems to be the only way out. However, surgery does not help all those affected.

Sometimes the excess weight is so enormous that your own body becomes a life-threatening burden. Many of those affected can usually no longer even tie their own shoes. They are hardly able to leave the apartment because they can't climb stairs anymore or because they want to avoid being stared at on the street by passers-by. Their heavy overweight forces them into isolation. Some obese people then use the last resort of their choice: a surgical procedure on the stomach or intestine.

With other methods it is difficult to cope with their morbid body size at this stage. Beyond a body mass index of 40, medications, diets or sports are often of little use. On the contrary, they often put a strain on the patient's mind, because he or she feeds on the initial weight quickly after each therapy. Despite a reduced energy requirement, his stomach is still three to four times larger than that of a normal weighty person, so the feeling of satiety starts much later.

For years now, the number of these super-thicknesses has been increasing rapidly. Along with the USA and Kuwait, Germany is one of the leaders in obesity. Many of the heavyweights suffer from depression, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and joint deterioration as a result of their abundance. It is these concomitant diseases that are treated, because they not only worsen the quality of life, but also shorten life.

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