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Hair Transplantation
This routine is even more important for a natural result after a hair transplantation treatment. After all, a hair transplant surgery is purely manual work. Istanbul has developed into a true centre for high-quality hair transplants. The treatment costs are nevertheless low.

Our team of doctors enjoys an excellent reputation for their extensive experience in hair transplantation techniques. We have been working with the same surgeons for a long time. They perform 10-12 hair transplant operations daily. This routine is essential for hair transplants. This alone proves that you are in the right hands with our doctors because; transplanting hair is handwork that requires daily practice and a lot of professional experience. As a patient, you benefit from the experienced hands of our team of doctors.

Our hair is usually the first thing that strikes us when we get to know someone, and the last we care about before we leave the house. When we look in the mirror, our hair is often the first to fall on. Hair is an important aspect and an essential part of our image. However, 2/3 of all men suffer from hereditary hair loss and 1/3 of them get an advanced bald head over time. However, 50 percent of women are also affected by hair loss during their lifetime.

For hair transplantation, we only refer you to a clinic equipped with state-of-the-art, technically sound operating theatres, which is used in particular for hair transplants. The treating physicians have been performing hair transplants on a daily basis for years. We at MediCon Plus advise you with our specialists and will be happy to make you an offer.