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Eye Lasers
Many people who wear glasses want to live without glasses. To achieve this, visual impairment can be treated with laser treatment. In cities such as Istanbul or Antalya there is a specialized eye clinic offering laser treatment.

Since the 1980s, the experienced eye laser clinic has been using proven and innovative laser procedures to improve the vision of many patients. Many patients were able to do without glasses or contact lenses after surgery. The corresponding institutions have been specialising in these treatment methods for years and have already been able to achieve many successes with the Lasik operations.

The most important method of laser eye surgery is the Lasik treatment. With this widespread surgical method, a defective vision can be corrected. The procedure is painless, ambulant, and the laser treatment only takes a few minutes Patients receive anaesthetic eye drops for the i-Lasik method (Femto-Wave front-Lasik). The so-called flap, a small lid of the eyes, is then prepared on the surface of the cornea. The lid is folded up and the actual treatment with the laser follows. It models the corneal tissue until the correct curvature of the cornea is reached. Finally, the corneal cover is brought back to its original position and the eye laser operation is thus completed. In the event of success, periods of short-sightedness or long-sightedness eventually cease.

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