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Artificial Insemination
If it does not work out naturally with the desired child, fertility medicine can help many couples affected. In vitro fertilization is a frequently used method of artificial insemination. We explain if IVF is an option, how good the chances of pregnancy are and how much the treatment can cost you.

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. Fertilization of the female egg by a male sperm is performed in the test tube (in vitro) and not in the female body. In vitro fertilization is a method of artificial insemination. The term artificial is used in contrast to natural fertilization through sexual intercourse. The method was first used successfully in Great Britain in 1977. Today, this therapy is one of the standard treatments in reproductive medicine.

Before the actual treatment, a couple wishing to have a baby talks in detail with the doctor responsible. Here, all questions can be asked and the procedures clarified. In addition, applications for reimbursement by the health insurance company must be completed. Ultrasound and blood tests are carried out to clarify the medical conditions for therapy.

The pregnancy rate after in vitro fertilization is about 25 percent on average. In other words, every fourth to fifth embryo transfer leads to pregnancy. If several embryos are transferred, the chance of pregnancy can be increased to about 60 percent. However, this eventually also increases the risk of multiple pregnancies. However, the chances of success depend to a large extent on the woman's age and the underlying fertility disorder.

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